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When it comes to the construction of your home or any of its features, you want someone who will provide you with the best project management in the business. Whether it is for roofing, floors, cabinets, painting, or construction work, hiring a good general contractor is a must. Hardy Construction will help you with that. We are an affordable general contractor in Sulphur, LA with 40 years of business, and we will help you see your projects from start to completion.

When it comes to general contracting our first priority is to make sure that our customers get everything they need. We make sure all materials are purchased and accounted for as the job goes along, and we also make sure we finish on schedule, helping to save you money and keep you from going over budget.

As a contractor we are accustomed to performing various construction jobs. Flooring is popular, especially with hardwood. Hardwood helps to open up any room regardless of size and can tie your home together seamlessly. If you are interested in hardwood, we recommend prefinished. It is a bit pricier but lasts up to 20 years longer. We specialize in full construction, so if you are looking to create a custom home with appealing features we are definitely the company to come to.

With Hardy Construction you get general contracting service that will provide you with everything you need on a big job: efficiency, safety, customer satisfaction, and affordability.

If you are looking for service in the Sulphur, LA area, reach out to us any time.

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